Access wage subsidies from atWork Australia

atWork Australia can help you tap into substantial wage subsidies for employing people living with disability, injury or health condition, shrinking your hiring costs and opening your door to readily available talent.

A wage subsidy is a payment from the Australian Government that encourages businesses to employ eligible candidates. Wage subsidies can be used to offset the costs of on-the-job training.

Many of our employer partners receive generous wage subsidies for the candidates they employ.

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Frequently asked questions on wage subsidies in Australia

Wage subsidies ranging from $1,650 to $10,000 are available for employing eligible people living with disability, injury or health condition. Your subsidy can help shrink your hiring costs, open your door to readily available talent and grow your company with less risk.

You can see how we’ve helped Australian businesses with their recruitment on our employer success stories page, and hear from some of our employer partners on the benefits of using our Disability Employment Services in the video below.

A large number of the employers who partner with us are eligible for generous wage subsidies for the job candidates they employ.

Generally, the criteria for wage subsidy eligibility can include but not is limited to:

Business criteria:

  • Must have an Australian Business Number
  • Be providing an ongoing role expected to be available for at least six months
  • Not be accessing a subsidy for an employee who has previously received one
  • Provide a role that meets employment standards such as offering the minimum wage
  • Not be a Government agency at a national, state or territory level

Employee criteria:

  • Must not be an immediate family member of the employer
  • Be supported by Disability Employment Services
  • Work a minimum number of hours and duration relevant to the subsidy type selected

For more information on wage subsidies, speak to one of our employment specialists today on 1300 080 856.

atWork Australia can help you claim a wage subsidy from the Government for an eligible employee. We can give you more details about the criteria and the funding brackets available depending on your employee’s circumstances. Pay slips will be required to determine eligibility and a tax invoice will allow us to make the payment on behalf of the Government once eligibility has been confirmed. Our specialised Disability Employment Services team can support your business to access and maintain wage subsidies, should you be eligible.

Wage subsidies may be available for workers over 50 years of age. Contact us for more information and to find out how we can help you diversify your workforce.

atWork Australia has a dedicated team who can assist you with any questions you have about wage subsidies for employees in Australia. You can contact the team by email, complete our online enquiry form, or call us on 1300 080 856 for more information.